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About Chez Sushi

Chez Sushi is brought to you by the individuals behind some of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s best eateries: sho cho, Flooka and Loca. This in itself ensures newness, style and a demonstrated history.

Chez Sushi is an extraordinary, easygoing and fun Japanese sushi idea. At Chez Sushi you are in control! You pick the fixings, trimming, dressing and watch our group roll! We offer internet requesting and an interesting “how about we move” construct your own sushi highlight.

Simple, advantageous and quick!


Sorting out a gathering?

We can give uniquely crafted bundles to suite your necessities from a little party to a huge corporate occasion! We will help you in picking among amounts and groupings of box snacks or gathering plate.


Sushi’s long history extends back to old occasions in China, where fish was salted and protected in rice for quite a long time. This early form of sushi was dried and eaten without rice. The idea hopped to Japan around the eighth Century.The Japanese wanted to eat the fish somewhat crude and, not at all like in China, started to utilize the rice as a major aspect of the dish. This luxurious food was known as Nare-zushi and was delighted in only by the privileged societies. Steadily a technique to consolidate the fish and rice was created, while vinegar was added to the rice to help a quicker maturation measure.

The dish we presently call sushi is said to have been imagined as a type of inexpensive food in the nineteenth Century by a culinary expert called Hanaya Yohei, who began to utilize new fish.

Until the early aspect of the twentieth Century, master sushi cooks lived and worked only in Tokyo. In any case, the Great Kanto quake constrained them to scatter everywhere on the nation, which means sushi spread unexpectedly over the entire nation. It has been spreading over the world from that point onward!



(lit. hand-framed) is a basic, customary, elliptical molded sushi, ordinarily utilizing just two fixings: sushi rice and a cut of fish, omelet or vegetable as a fixing.


(enormous or “fat” moves), moves with at least two fillings enveloped by rice and nori ocean growth sheet. In conventional maki the nori ocean growth sheet goes outwardly of the rice, yet we additionally sell the well known uramaki (lit. back to front move) style, where rice shapes the outside of the roll, frequently covered with sesame seeds, diced chive or splendidly hued fish roe.


(lit. hand roll) cut fillings with rice, enveloped by a cone shaped nori ocean growth sheet wrap.


There are a wide range of rules and customs with regards to eating sushi. Chez Sushi regards these conventions and yet urges clients to make the most of their sushi in whatever style they feel generally great.

Here are a portion of the principle customs or rules of manners with respect to eating sushi:

While plunging nigiri sushi in soy sauce, simply plunge the fish, not the rice, in any case the sushi may self-destruct.

Nigiri sushi ought to be eaten in one nibble (if conceivable!) to evade the rice separating into pieces.

It isn’t discourteous to eat sushi with your fingers – utilizing chopsticks or your fingers are both completely worthy.

A severe sushi supper should begin with fish of a more fragile taste, for example, ocean bream, moving towards  meatier flavors, for example, salmon, straight up to the most grounded has an aftertaste like fish or ocean imp.

The blending of wasabi and soy sauce has gotten basic in the west, yet in Japan it is infrequently observed. This  is somewhat on the grounds that wasabi is deliberately added to nigiri sushi by the culinary specialist in Japan, so there is typically no need  to include additional flavor.

In the event that a companion offers a bit of sushi from their plate, it is affable to get it with the furthest edge of the  chopsticks to the end that you put in your mouth.

Utilize a plate to pass a bit of sushi to an eating buddy, not your own chopsticks. Utilizing chopsticks  would be suggestive of the conventional Japanese custom of passing the bones of a perished relative at  a burial service.

Ginger should be eaten between bits of sushi, as it purges the sense of taste, as opposed to simultaneously.


In Japan, sushi is appreciated by families while praising unique events.

Sushi culinary specialists in Japan can go through as long as 10 years of preparing to turn out to be completely qualified.

Blades utilized by sushi culinary specialists have their causes in Samurai blades.

In Japan, octopus is in some cases arranged by giving it an intensive back rub while it is as yet alive.

Sushi culinary experts accept that individuals eat with their mouths, yet in addition their eyes, which is the reason the  introduction and presence of sushi is so significant.

Sushi is ordinarily eaten with gari (salted ginger), wasabi and with some green tea as they all  supplement crude fish impeccably.

Wasabi itself is utilized as a flavor, however its properties likewise mean it can help sanitize and slaughter the smell  of crude fish. This was especially useful in more established occasions before straightforward refrigeration.


The Japanese eating routine is frequently observed as an especially solid method of eating. Here are a couple of subtleties of the healthful properties present in the various types of Japanese food accessible at Chez Sushi.

Fish is high in protein and – particularly contrasted and meat – low in fat.

Most fish are high in Omega-3 unsaturated fats. These are accepted by researchers and nutritionists to be fundamental to  our eating routine as they are not freely created by the human body. They have an incredible number of  medical advantages.

Studies into Omega-3 unsaturated fats propose that their utilization can help in numerous regions, including: encouraging  to prepare for Alzheimer’s malady; bringing down circulatory strain; assisting with keeping up the focal apprehensive  framework and assisting with directing glucose levels.

Edamame beans, a most loved of numerous Wasabi clients, have been hailed as a ‘superfood’, wealthy in amino

acids, fiber, protein and Vitamin C.

Kelp, mainstream in Wasabi plates of mixed greens, is accepted to have numerous advantages, running from keeping up solid  skin, nails and hair to diminishing the danger of malignant growth.

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