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About Al Zahra College For Women

rapturously Al Zahra College for Women tries to being one of the trustworthy Higher Education Institutions for the instruction of ladies in the Sultanate of Oman, the district and universally.

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Kollegāl Al Zahra College for Women tries to being one of the trustworthy Higher Education Institutions for the instruction of ladies in the Sultanate of Oman, the locale and universally.


The mission of Al Zahra College for Women is to graduate accomplished ladies with the information, aptitudes, mentalities and qualities to contribute decidedly to society.


Improve Academic Standards .

Improve Teaching and Learning.

Advance the utilization of Information and Learning Technology.

Advance Research.

Encourage Community Engagement.

Improve Management.

Keep up Adequate Staffing.

Give Appropriate Physical Resources.


Scholastic uprightness

Polished methodology and moral direct

Collaboration and participation

Straightforwardness and responsibility

Adherence to Islamic qualities

Regard for variety

Al Zahra College for ladies s Graduate Attributes

discipline-important information and abilities

Know about current advancements in their field of study

have issue and tackling basic things abilities

Show a capacity to assess , combine and decipher data \ information and propose end

have sound correspondence IT abilities

Are persuaded as deep rooted students

Can team up and work in group to upgrade the fulfillment of group objectives \objectives \ undertakings \ tasks

Can apply behave expertly and morally in the work environment

Can apply innovativeness to their work

have high regard and thankfulness for the Omani culture just as other assorted societies

Know about their part as productive members of society

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The Sultanate of Oman is situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula and in the south-west of Asia. It’s limited by the Sea of Oman in the north-east and the Indian Ocean in the south-east. It shares land borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the west, the Republic of Yemen in the south-west, and the United Arab Emirates in the north.

Oman covers an all out land zone of 309,000 square kilometers. It comprises of fluctuating types of land geology, for example, fields, levels and mountains. The waterfront fields cover 3 percent of the complete region and disregard the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea being perhaps the main fields in Oman.

Fifteen percent of the complete zone is involved by mountains; two of the main mountain ranges are Al Hajar and Dhofar. While the previous is an arcuate mountain range stretching out from Ras Musandam in the north to Ras Al Had, the Dhofar Mountain Range is situated in the far southwestern piece of Oman. The sand and desert territories cover the biggest part, around 82 percent of the complete zone, with the Empty Quarter establishing the biggest offer.

Oman is quite possibly the most geologically variation nations in the Arabian Peninsula. It has a zone of in excess of 300,000 square kilometers that consolidates sandy deserts, prolific grounds and green mountains in the north. The mountains and fields in Dhofar are changed into lavish greenery fields in the Khareef season which signifies “harvest time” in Arabic and alludes to the rainstorm months.

The stony and sandy desert establishes 82 percent of land in Oman, the mountains and the seaside fields make up 15 percent each. The Empty Quarter is situated in the western piece of the nation. Valleys and ripe desert spring spread over wide zones of various districts.

The inside zones are isolated from the waterfront regions by Al Hajar Mountains. These mountains stretch for 600 km on the northern piece of the nation. Jabal Shams (Sun Mountain) is the most elevated top in Oman with a height of 3000 meters over the ocean level.

The Omani coastline lies at the shores of the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Additionally, the Strait of Hormuz, which interfaces the Arabian Gulf with the Indian Ocean, is the main stream utilized for transportation oil, gas and business items.

The Sumerians had named Oman (Majan), which signifies ‘copper mountain’. This name was referenced in numerous Mesopotamian messages, for example, Sumerian and Akkadian, which were written in Cuneiform. These writings plainly feature the significance of this territory deliberately, its normal assets especially copper and gemstones, which were utilized in assembling sculptures, for example, Diorite rock.

For the last 5,000 years, Oman had appreciated a solid relationship with numerous nations around the globe. Its old ports, for example, Sohar, Sur, Muscat, Salalah and Muttrah had assumed an imperative job in setting up and keeping up these connections. Oman additionally has numerous authentic destinations, for example, those in Sur, Salalah, Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, Bani Bu Hassan, Al Qabel, Ibra, Mudhaibi, Nizaw, El Hamra, Manah and Birkat el Mouz among others. These destinations are viewed as a significant component of Oman’s social personality.

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